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A few words from happy clients living their True Wellness

“After having had 2 episodes of severe Small-Bowl-Obstructions, and being totally discouraged, not knowing what foods to eat that wouldn’t block my intestines I decided to seek the counsel of  Iris Clarke of Live True Wellness.  Iris reviewed my dietary history, researched my condition and suggested specific foods and nutritional enzymes that were beneficial to reduce scar tissue & combating inflammation.  

Iris provided research material and encouraged me to do my own research on this enzyme prior to beginning. She also encouraged me to make sure my medical team was on board.  I was intrigued with the research reports so after having discussed it with my Medical Doctor I began the dietary protocol Iris suggested and began taking the recommended enzyme twice a day. After just two weeks I could feel my external scar from a prior surgery getting remarkably softer.  Just imagine what it would do on the inside of my abdomen?

The research Iris provided also indicated that there may be benefits from this enzyme that  eats away at “non-living tissue” and potentially dissolves blood clots.  Since I have been diagnosed with having peripheral artery disease, perhaps it could also slowly “eat” away the built-up plaque in my leg arteries.  Well, I have been testing my walking distances every time I walk, and I can report that my walking without stopping also has drastically improved.

The bi-product of it all, and in combination with a “cleaner” diet, in 4 months’ time I have lost 8 pounds without even trying, and…… no re-occurrences of the SBO’s above.  I am still taking the recommended enzyme to date (though at a lower dose) and am feeling better and better.

Thank you, Iris

//Erika L.

"My Medical Doctor surprised me at my routine annual physical with this comment "What have you been eating? Your triglycerides are so high you could butter your toast with your blood." Appropriate? I don't think so....but it took me by surprise none the less. I was of healthy weight and had a very physical job so high cholesterol was not even on my radar.


​The MD prescribed me pharmaceutical statins which I began taking immediately. After a year or two on the statins, with my cholesterol levels under control, I had done enough research on the drugs to be wary of the unnatural potentially life threatening side affects to make me want to find a more natural way to keep my cholesterol under control.


​I came to Iris in hopes that she could provide me some nutritional and lifestyle guidance so that I could safely stop taking pharmaceutical drugs.  Before we began working together, Iris made it clear to me that my MD needed to be on board with any changes in medications so we began with dietary, nutrition and lifestyle changes and then slowly implemented appropriate supplements.


Over the next year through implementation of these changes, I have been able to come off the pharmaceuticals and maintain healthy cholesterol levels naturally. I am maintaining a healthy body weight and I feel great."


Thanks Iris!

// Gordon C.


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